The Gauge 1 Garden Railway is one of the first attractions to greet visitors to Penfield Model Engineers; this large 25m x 10m miniature railway was relocated to this site in early 2015 and is the largest club garden railway in SA. It is located in an ideal setting with grassed areas to the front with the large boat pond to the rear.

It features a double track mainline with large stabling yards and a branch line around the outside, a variety of trains will be seen running on the mainlines and trains can usually be seen shunting a train at the railway sidings on the branch line.

The track gauge is constant (45mm) but a variety of scale size trains can run, some older visitors may recognise the South Australian Railway “Bluebird” railcar models that run, these trains are 1:32nd scale, most of the American trains are 1:29th scale but American narrow gauge trains in 1:20th scale also run on the same gauge. Both battery powered and live steam engines can be seen operating, there is no track power available for our trains.

This railway will be fully scenic with buildings and scale size trees and vignettes such as the mine loading area up on the hill with the church nearby, the railway will be able to be viewed from 4 sides of the railway.


View from southern end


The Viaduct


View from the Northern end


Overall views of the layout just after completion April 2015.